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Rectangular range

Models: CTR - Box

Manufactured in solid formats for use in general materials handling applications.
Made of high density polyethylene (HDPE). Virgin material - guaranteed and certified.
Resistant to infra-red and ultra-violet rays.
Resistant to extreme temperatures.
Can be stacked.
Easily recycled at the end of its working life.
Available in various configurations to ease manual or mechanical movement,
with options of four feet, two/three runners, lid closure and drain cocks.
Ideal applications include component handling, paper recycling, battery
collection and food handling.

optional lid image
optional lid
outer dimensions
1200 A
1000 B
760 C
inner dimensions
1120 a
920 b
600 c
distance between feet
880 d
680 e
372 f
feet height
115 g
90 h
volume [L]
height [mm]
Model drawing