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JcoTracer offers

  • Waste Management Collection Recording System
  • Configurable to meet our customers requirements
  • JcoTracer proprietary hardware and software: A Complete Solution from one supplier


  • Identification: transponder RFID and labeling
  • Positioning and route detection (GPS traking)
  • Detects Incomplete lift and successful emptying operations
  • RFID tag code read through the bin using radio signal
  • Weight reading of bin contents (optional hardware)
  • Vehicle Systems Integration; Engine data system collection (CANBUS) or other custom built devices collection (if fitted)


  • Real-time automatic data transfer (via GPRS) over the internet
  • Alarms and warning (emptying operation, routes, stops)
  • Route planning
  • Customisable reports and statistical activity data
  • Automatic message sending
    (by e-mail, sms etc)
  • External database import (customizable)