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Access control bins - genius-bin

Electonic Control system for waste collection on waste bins
Main characteristics:
  • Electronic controller opening
  • Access data storing: users, date and time
  • Data sending to a remote server (through internet) or to waste collection vehicle
  • Special plastic shells to protect and hide all the electronics and batteries
  • Bin stacking preserved
  • Remoting monitoring of system health and authorizerd users list

Decription system

Each user, authorized to disposal of trash, will have a personal electronic badge with a unique RFID chip/number. Pressing the button on the bin, the user "wake-up" the system and active the reading of his badge/RFID to open the bin.
The electronic system will check the badge and will open the bin only if the user is in the pre-defined list of the users of that bin (the list of the users is remotely up-to-date).
At the end of the disposal operation the user has to close the lid of the bin pressing the button again.
The system stores all the operations by saving the data of the operation: user, date and time of the access.
The collected data will be daily sent through the internet. Then an authorized user can access to a dedicated web site where the data are processed and provided as custom reports.