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Wheeled bins


  • lt 80 - Bidone Carrellato

  • lt 120 - Bidone Carrellato

  • lt 140 - Bidone Carrellato

  • lt 240 - Bidone Carrellato

  • lt 360 - Bidone Carrellato

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Our new range of two wheeled bins are compatible with all DIN standard lifting equipment (EN 1501-1).
Their tampered geometric shape allow easy and complete emptying/cleaning of the container due to the smooth internal wall design.
Body and lid of the container are of single piece design injection moulded in virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) material.
Manufactured using completely recyclable high quality materials, UV stabilised, resistant to decay, frost, heat, water and most chemicals.
The container is of a smooth, no sharp edge and ergonomic wall design.
Fitted with 200 mm diameter rotating swivel wheels.
Colour choices are free from heavy metals (cadmium and lead) and toxic substances in line with current legislation.
The two rear wheels may easily be replaced and are fixed to a high quality steel zinc plated axle capable of withstanding high impact.
Moulded rear handles allow ease and stability of movement.
The lid is hinged and incorporates two front handles for ease of opening.
When closed the lid and lip seal prevent rain water from entering the container.
All containers are compatible with identification/weighing systems and have an RFID chip nest aperture under the front lip.
Containers can be personalised with logo's, stickers, embossed marking and serial numbering.
All Jcoplastic containers are certified to EN 840 and are GS quality certified by the independent authority LGA-GS of Nuremberg (Germany).
Standard colour green. Other colours on request.