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Compact Range


  • lt 660 - Cassonetto

  • lt 770 - Cassonetto

Body and lids are of one piece single moulded design made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
The material used is of a high quality, UV stabilized, resistant to decay, frost, heat, water and most chemicals.
Minimal handling, low price of exercise, reduction of noise pollution, 100% recyclable and completely washable thanks to round shape of the container (without corners) and absence of recess.
Dirt won't stick to the surfaces exposed to the flow of equipment washing ends.
Four solid rubber wheels (200 mm diameter) easily to replace and handle. Foot brakes on two front wheels. All wheels full 360° swivelling. Provided with a drainage plug made of HDPE to discharge the water used for washing and cleaning. Directional blocks on two wheels available on request as optional.
The noise during emptying has been reduced and kept down within the limits thanks to the special form of the container and its project solutions.
Along the upper edge of the container a reversed profile "U" has been carried out with internal ribs for giving more perimeter structural sturdiness without need of metal reinforcements or any other bearing structure.
The edge presents a shape in the form of a step provided with six reinforcement ribs appropriate to the lifting/ tilting of the container when empty by the front "comb".
Container body has four side handles moulded of HDPE and two additional rear handles allowing ease and stability of movement.
The lid is hinged with two handles for ease of opening. When closed the lid and lip seal prevent rainwater from entering the container. The lid is articulated by two pivots made of HDPE placed on the hinges and put on the upper ends of the lids.
GS mark (issued by LGA Nuremberg, Germany) showing safety and EN compliance testing.
Standard colours : green , grey, blue, brown. Other colours by request.
Colouring is obtained directly by the raw material during the moulding.
Dyes used to guarantee the longevity of colour are stabilized against atmospheric agents and U.V. rays.
Moreover, according to the environmental policy of Jcoplastic S.p.A., they are free from heavy metals (cadmium, lead, etc.) and any other toxic substances which can be dangerous for our environment.